Hyphy Aminos - Tropical Rush
Hyphy Aminos - Tropical Rush

Hyphy Aminos - Tropical Rush

30 Serving Per Container



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We have created a monster! HYPHY AMINO 2.0 has arrived, and if you’re like me and like to GO WILD, this is the amino for you. Hyphy Amino 2.0 has the same great taste that you’re accustomed to, but now it’s loaded with Caffeine and B Vitamins to get through your toughest workouts. Hyphy Amino 2.0 still has the proven 2:1:1 BCAA’s, plus EAA’s - the Essential Amino Acids - and Electrolytes. All combined together in one product to keep your muscles primed and ready to roll for that Hyphy type of workout. GO WILD!


Tropical Rush

- BCAA’s + EAA’s for Superior Muscle Gains and Recovery
- 200mg of Caffeine + B- Vitamins for Focus & Energy
- Electrolytes for Extended Endurance & Less Fatigue

BCAA 2:1:1

The 2:1:1 BCAA ratio is the University Studied and trusted ratio of BCAA’s. BCAA’s are important because they’re used by your muscles during a workout as an energy source, so having the correct ratio is important. You don’t want too much of one or too little of another or it just flat out won’t work. Aside from being used as fuel for your muscles, BCAA’s also help reduce muscle fatigue and maximize muscle growth by increasing the anabolic effects of protein synthesis. Don’t be fooled by other ratios, take what’s tested and proven to work.

EAA’s (Essential Amino Acids)

Essential for reason! Your body CANNOT make Essential Amino Acids, nd if you don’t have enough protein in your diet you won’t have enough ESS’s to grow. Adding EAA’s to BCAA’s is the surefire way of knowing that your muscles have the fuel they need for Gains, Recovery and Performance.


B-Vitamins work by allowing your body to create more energy and focus which can impact your overall athletic performance. Even more importantly, B-Vitamins can ramp up your protein synthesis. More Gains!


Electrolytes such as Potassium and Sodium help regulate nerve and muscle function by enhancing the amount of water within your cells. Drinking water is important, but what’s more important is getting the water into your muscles! HYPHY Science. Better Hydration equals Better Focus, Less Fatigue and More Gains!